Treat Your Feet to Good Care

Tip 003 The leading cause of limb loss in diabetes is foot ulcers. However, at least 50% of amputations can be avoided through proper diabetes management and foot care.

How to keep feet healthy:

  • Keep your shoes on. Going barefoot, even inside, is a risk. Keep at least slippers on everywhere but in bed.
  • See your podiatrist. The American Diabetes Association recommends an annual visit with a podiatrist for people with diabetes.
  • Watch your feet. Examine your feet each day before putting on footwear to catch any blisters or cuts as early as possible.
  • Be vigilant. If you have a cut or wound on the foot that doesn't start to heal within a day or so, let your doctor know immediately.
  • Stay well heeled. Improperly fitting shoes or socks that don't provide adequate protection from the cold can cause foot injuries.

Reviewed by Francine Kaufman, MD. 4/08

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by Nicole Purcell
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