Your First Year With Diabetes: What To Do, Month by Month

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Diabetes is about change – changing your life from the way it was and bringing changes to your mind, body, and spirit. You can affect this disease and make changes in your favor, especially if you equip yourself with the latest resources contained throughout this interactive book. Every day, every hour, every minute presents an opportunity to make decisions that affect your health and well-being.

Diabetes is a balancing act and much more than a numbers game. It is as disease that requires paying attention to detail, while trying to maintain a positive attitude. The synergy of the mind-body connection is the key to long-term success in dealing with the disease. The more you participate and take things in stride, the better prepared you will be to take care of your health. And despite your best effort, diabetes management is demanding and rarely predictable. You will have slip-ups. You will have successes. Be your own champion.

Diabetes can also be overwhelming. This book provides you with easy-to-digest information you can use through the new year. One size does not fit all. Each person is unique. That's why you are given many options. You decide what to incorporate and what may work for your specific situation.

You will also likely learn that diabetes is a powerful motivator for health. It is my honor to be remotely involved with your journey and to share my unique perspective as a certified diabetes educator who has firsthand knowledge of the behind-the scenes research and, equally important, has experience with the real-life situations shared with me by thousands of people and their families dealing with diabetes. The result of this repository of evidence is a hands-on book with a positive approach to managing diabetes.

You'll read about the science of diabetes throughout these pages. You'll find health icons for easy navigation, light-hearted humor, and exercises that allow you to reflect on your progress. The art is in how you ally it to your everyday life. Diabetes requires paying attention to your health. It is not a death sentence, just a sign of mortality. This book is designed to help you make a connection wit what works for you, fine what is meaningful, and thrive in your life and in the passion that keeps you going. Let's get started!

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