To be a better diabetes detective, add this tool to your detective kit

BG Testing in Pairs Checking blood sugars can be a stressful experience for many. The seemingly random nature of the results can leave a person demoralized and wondering if testing is even worth it. However, your personal actions can have an immediate effect on your blood sugar. One method to help you see these effects is called "testing in pairs."

Testing in pairs shows the effects of a specific activity on your blood sugar. To test in pairs:

1 - Determine which event you'd like to examine, whether it's mealtime, exercise, use of medication, or some other daily activity.

2 - For one week, consistently check your blood sugar before and after the activity you want to monitor. Be sure to check at the same time every day.

3 – Note the changes. Did you spot any trends? Do you see some changes you'd like to make? What can you do differently next time? Be sure to discuss potential changes and other questions with your doctor first.

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by Carey Potash
Someone at work asked me for a “fun fact” about myself for an upcoming newsletter highlighting recent accomplishments. Having just had an absolutely hellish day and night of high blood sugars, I thought … Fun Fact: My son’s blood sugar was 525 yesterday. Fun Fact: My son’s blood sugar was so high that he couldn’t take part in his hockey team’s end-of-season party. Fun Fact: It took several...