Depression does not have to be inevitable

Tip 110Depression can be treated with therapy and/or antidepressant medication, so there is no reason to suffer needlessly. Here are a few other strategies that may help you deal with depression:

• Empower Yourself. Fear of the unknown can feed your depression. If you haven't already, start educating yourself about your disease. Monitoring blood sugar and adjusting your eating habits and behaviors accordingly can be liberating

• Seek support. Draw on the experience and emotional support of your family, friends, spiritual community, health care team and others with diabetes.

• Keep perfection in perspective. Reward your successes, big or small and try to see your stumbles as learning experiences rather than failures.

• Keep moving. Try to push yourself to at least take a brisk walk daily. Exercise raises your endorphin levels, a natural mood booster.

Reviewed by Jason C. Baker, MD. 11/11


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by Brenda Bell
Many people say that depression is a side effect or complication of diabetes. Without discounting the association of the psychological condition with the physical one, I'm not convinced that our high and/or unstable glucose levels are directly responsible for that change in our mental state. My belief is that the unrelenting need for self-care, for following the sort of care schedules that can drive licensed, professional caregivers crazy, is what overwhelms us...
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