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Sun Feb 03 11:36:27 UTC 2013

Should you get the latest bgm everytime they come out? I'm using the Bayer Contour USB right now. Sorry, but I'm still new to this.
Asked By: bobegan  

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2013-03-13 22:11:31.0

thanks for the question bobegan, i think it is one many folks new to diabetes may be wondering. the quick answer to your question is - no, you do not need to get a new blood glucose monitor every time they come out. I am a fan of the bayer contour usb meter, as it makes logging and sending your information to your health care team much easier, and if you like using it, i would say stick with it. most glucose meters are good for several years, so if you like your meter, you can keep using it. if you do not like your meter for any reason, you may want to talk to one of the members of your health care team about what you like/dislike about the meter. there are lots and lots of different types of glucose meters on the market, and i'm sure there is one that would have the features you like. hope you find this information helpful. please let us know if dlife can help you with any of your other management questions,
Answered By: kirk spero
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Community Answers (4)
2015-02-21 09:23:28.0

Unfortunately, it's rarely as cut-and-dried an answer as deciding based on what we do and don't like about our meters. More often than not, it's what our medical insurance will cover -- brand, model, and number of tests per day.

Many insurance plans either limit you to the basic models of One Touch meters (Ultra Mini) or Accu-Chek meters (Nano or Aviva), or (if you're on Medicare) a house-brand meter with proprietary strips, which they send to you. If you choose to use a more advanced meter (e.g., One Touch Verio) you may need to pay for it out of pocket, and you may have to pay more for your strips. If you choose to use a meter that uses different strips, you may be on your own.

Many insurance plans severely limit the number of strips they will pay for. Some doctors will try to override those limits; many won't -- and many insurance companies will ignore those override orders. If you need more strips than your plan will cover, you'll have to pay for them outright. Also, check your insurance plan's co-pays: sometimes it will be cheaper to purchase your strips OUTSIDE of your insurance plan. In that case, choose what you want.

The retail cost of strips can vary dramatically based on the brand, model, and where you buy them from. You may find that you cannot afford the cost of strips for your preferred meter, and have to settle for another that is equally accurate, but does not have the particular features you want.

Some doctors and CDEs want you to use a specific brand or model of meter because it's what their software supports and gives them the information they want to have in treating you. Your own computer's operating system may further limit your choice of meters to what is compatible with it.

So there you have it: cost, coverage, operating system and HCP preference can all limit your choice of meter.

Answered By: tmana

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2015-02-20 14:38:24.0

I am not an expert at this. Most people go through a Diabetes education Program, I did not... Your Mileage may vary. I use the same meter I have used for the last 7 years. Freestyle Lite. It takes the number which I record on paper every morning. I don't need any new fangled contraptions. I have had 3 meters in my lifetime since I was diagnosed 22 years ago. I am getting better readings now that I don't have to encode my meter, and don't have to goof around with solutions and all of the other nonsense. I like the fact that I now don't need a big blob of blood like I did with my first meter. It looked like a crime scene back in the day squeezing out enough blood to try to hit the paper on the test strip. I also like the size and weight of the meter I use now. it is much better than the clunky old box that I started with. People keep telling me I should keep replacing my meter more often, but I say why replace it when it still works? My doctor says that I should test 3 times a day, but I can not afford it, so I make do with 1 time a day. I can't afford a smart phone, so new tech is out of my financial reach. So, I make due with what I have.
Answered By: kjb08807

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2013-04-19 16:49:33.0

I use the Freestyle Lite by Abbott. I have compared it with the "Old" Bayer Contour and the One Touch Ultra Mini meters. I have taken all three with me to a trip to have my lab work / A1C tests. I tested with all 3 meters immediately after my lab blood draw. The Freestyle Lite was the most accurate at only 5 mg/dl lower than the lab test results. The Bayer Contour was 10 mg/dl lower and the One Touch Ultra Mini was 20 mg/dl lower than the lab test results. As for consistency, the Freestyle Lite and Bayer Contour were consistent as the One Touch Ultra Mini would give me inaccurate readings taken within seconds of each test. I prefer the Freestyle lite due to it's smaller size and slightly better accuracy. Best of luck in you research on glucose meters. God Bless.
Answered By: todd66

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2013-04-19 09:04:15.0

FYI, Bayer has discontinued making the regular Contour line of meters and now makes the Contour Next meters, strips, and solutions. You can check their website to learn more about the new meters and strips, and stated advantages including greater accuracy of sampling. I have been using the Contour USB for nearly 3 years and like its size, memory and data connectivity. I just got the new Contour Next USB as a free upgrade from Bayer. I'll use up my previous meter strips before changing over. They both use the same computer software, so the data should be cumulative. However, I don't care for Bayer's lancing device, and instead use Roche's AccuChek Multiclix that holds a drum of 6 lancets that's easily changed and fits nicely into the upgraded Bayer meter case you can get free when you register your meter.
Answered By: route101

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