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The Question
Thu Feb 18 09:37:57 UTC 2010

My husband is abnormally hungry since starting insulin. What can he do to correct this? Thank you for any advice you can render.
Asked By: cindielee  
Category: Insulin

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He was diagnosed with diabetes 22 years ago, and controlled his sugar with oral medications, diet and exercise up until three months ago. Now he is on Lantis, and complains of being hungry though he is continuing to eat as he is used to.
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Expert Answers (1)
2010-02-20 18:43:14.0

Dear Cindielee- Thank-you for contacting dLife.com. THe first question I have is: How have his glucose levels been? If there is not a significant change in his levels, Let's look at other causes of his hunger other than glucose levels.

Could there be other causes for his hunger such as depression. Is he unsettled now that he is on insulin since he has managed so well for 22 years? Being on a basal insulin is an optimal way to control glucose. Something that we did not have the luxury of having years ago.

Have you tried to increase the fiber content of the foods he is eating to offer a feeling of fullness. Is he bored with the same foods. Is he more active and indeed more hungry.?

Take a few moments and look at some life style behaviors, both physical and emotional and see if there are any clues to help you out.

Stay by his side and continue your support for self management.

Accreditations: RN BSN CDE
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Community Answers (2)
2010-07-23 15:45:45.0

Yes, insulin can make you hungry! When I was on insulin by injection last year, I was constantly **physically** hungry, and I gained about 35 pounds in less than a year, but NOT from the food. I was intentionally using larger amounts of insulin than "normal" because I was trying to drop my A1C quickly (it had jumped from under 7% to almost 12% in a 6-month period), as I was having serious eye complications and wanted to jolt it downward as fast as possible, but I had episodes of serious hypoglycemia almost daily. My A1C responded quickly to my "shock treatment" and remains at less than 6% now. HOWEVER, I requested the insulin pump to help regulate my BG......having the background basal at a constant level is wonderful, and I only bolus when eating carbs. The funny thing is, I'm now RARELY hungry because my basal level keeps my body happy, and I'm starting to lose weight. I started on the pump less than 4 months ago and for me, it was the right choice. Talk to your endo about using the pump. It makes life with diabetes much easier....you still have to do finger sticks 4-6 times daily, but no more injections all the time. I love my new best friend!
Answered By: donna8449

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2010-02-26 15:33:47.0

hi, I have been a diabetic for 20 years, and unfortunately have been struggling with hunger since the 1st day I was on insulin. There were periods when my blood sugars were in ver good control,others whith high all the time and times with fluctuations. All the time I was hungry. Except when I decreased my insulin but that was on the expense of my control. Now I suffer from severe painful neuritis. So i hope you can find a reason and cosequently a solution for this hunger. Try to make good food choices to avoid putting on weight and keep your numbers under control. I prey for you.
Answered By: hisham

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