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Wed Jan 27 08:54:12 UTC 2010

I take Calcium,B Complex,Lutein,and now Flax Oil (ordered by a doc) all to be taken with a meal. Flax is to be taken alone. How do I do this?
Asked By: dianalafond  
Category: Vision

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Flax recommended for vision, along w/Fish Oil by optometrist. I supposedly have glaucoma and have been Type 1 since 1973. I have taken Calcium, B Complex and aspirin for a long time with a meal. Diabetes Self Mgmt. magazine lised websites for info on vitamins. When checking site on Natl Inst. of Health, it said Flax should not be taken w/other supplements. What do I do?
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Expert Answers (1)
2010-02-04 18:44:41.0

Hello Dianalafond
I have never been comfortable recommending OTC supplements. They are not regulated by the FDA. The active ingredients can vary and other ingredients may have interactions with the medications you take for chronic conditions. Why are you seeing an optometrist instead of an opthalmologist? I highly recommend that you are evaluated by an ophthalmologist for your diabetic eye check ups. In addition, please discuss any of these medications and supplements with your primary physician and your endocrinologist or diabetic specialist. Taking both flax oil and fish oil could effect your liver function and one of these doctors better be ordering the correct labs to watch for this. I can assure you the optometrist will not order the labs.
Answered By: Rita Juray
Accreditations: RN, MLT-ASCP, CCM, CDE
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Community Answers (1)
2010-02-04 19:13:31.0

Optometrist seen due to insurance. No close opthomologist in state. Primary care doc said nothing about the flax or fish oil but I've stopped taking both. Pharmacist said neither has an effect on vision. Calcuim taken for bones, Bcomplex for metabolism, lutein for vision health. My AIC ranges from 6-7 and general health is good considering my age (I'll be 63 soon) and I've had Type 1 since 6/73. Optometrist seen for diabetic vision testing only, and nothing more.
Answered By: dianalafond

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