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Fri Dec 04 13:43:53 UTC 2009

Am I a diabetic or prediabetic?
Asked By: mommytothree  

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I have been testing my blood sugars and have had atleat 15 readings over 200 with 2 more being 300 and more. But fasting is only 95 to 110. Three months ago AC1 was 6.3. Just had another one done, don't know number yet.
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2010-01-19 15:58:50.0

According to the ADA there are now three ways to diagnose diabetes: fasting blood sugar, two hour glucose tolerance test and A1c. Your fasting values and your A1c place you in the prediabetes range. The latest guidelines released by the ADA for 2010 state that diabetes can be diagnosed with an A1c of 6.5 but that a value between 5.7 and 6.4 would mean you were at high risk for developing diabetes. The fact that you are having high blood sugars, I presume after meals, is concerning. A suggestion would be to ask your clinician to order a two hour glucose tolerance test. There are two different "defects" that can happen when you have prediabetes and diabetes and they are not always "captured" in a fasting blood sugar value. This test will help to better identify your status. In the mean time, you may want to eat a consistent carbohydrate diet and spread your carbohydrates out through the day. Your body may not be able to make enough insulin to cover your needs when you eat foods high in carbohydrate. Have you met with a dietitian to discuss a meal plan? You may want to consider that as well. Even if you do not have diabetes, you certainly are at a very high risk for developing diabetes. The more you can do to maintain a healthy weight, or lose weight if needed, be physically active for 30 minutes five days per week and eat a healthy diet that is low in fat will benefit you.
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