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Sun Nov 22 19:43:04 UTC 2009

Bayer's monitors Contour & Breeze2 affect Blood glocose accuracy (?)
Asked By: nabnbb  

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Bayer uses test strips that has enzyme technology that does not cross- react with molecules that are similar to glucose such as maltose which may elevate blood glucose readings. I have the Freestyle lite for over 3 yrs. Do we have to change meters because of this new technology. ?
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2010-02-08 00:11:45.0

Some blood glucose meters use a specific type of strip technology, called GDH-PQQ, for reading blood glucose values. The important thing to understand is that these strips can react with non-glucose sugars, including maltose, galactose and xylose. People who are on peritoneal dialysis or who have had recent surgery are more likely to use these products. What can happen? The reaction with the non-glucose sugars can falsely elevate the blood sugar result and if you take more insulin than you really need you might end up with severe hypoglycemia. Glucose test strips that use a different technology should be used by patients taking drug products or therapies that contain non-glucose sugars. If you meet any of the FDA criteria then you should not use the Freestyle meter, since they do use this technology. (as does Accucheck, Home Diagnostics and some specific meters for insulin pumps) However, if you do not meet these criteria you can safely use continue to use your meter. Just be aware of this issue if our health situation changes. If you have concerns view the FDA website to review your specific meter. http://www.fda.gov/MedicalDevices/Safety/AlertsandNotices/PatientAlerts/ucm177189.htm#attachment
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