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Wed Sep 02 13:26:15 UTC 2009

I'm type 1 diabetic and have been on Lantus for about a year just wondering if it would make me gain 20 pounds or be part of the reason?
Asked By: alisha_bee  
Category: Type 1

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I've been trying really hard to keep my blood sugars in good control for over a year and have put on 20 pounds and also just found out my blood pressure is now 124/83 so I'm now on blood pressure medication. I'm starting to work out now and be a bit more careful of what I eat. I'm also in the process of getting an insulin pump but that's not for another year. I just wanted to know if my insulin maybe had something to do with all the weight gain and blood pressure. Thanks.
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Expert Answers (1)
2009-09-23 18:49:30.0

If your blood sugars were high, and then you worked hard to lower them, but continued to eat the same amount of food, then it is possible that the insulin is related to the weight gain. When blood sugar is too high, our body tries to lower the blood sugar by increasing the amount we urinate, and along with the urine, sugar leaves the body. When the sugar leaves the body, it takes calories with it! So, when you bring your blood sugars back into good control, that means that all of the calories you eat are now absorbed, and no calories are being lost in the urine. When this is the scenario, then yes, starting insulin can cause some weight gain. Just like any other person, to lose weight, the amount of calories we take in needs to be less than the calories we burn. If you eat 500 calories less per day, you can lose about 1-2 pounds per week. There are many online tools to help with weight loss, some that are free, and some that have a fee. Mypyramid.gov has a calorie charting tool that is free. Calorieking.com has a calorie charting tool with a monthly or annual fee. The best way to lose weight is to write everything you eat down, read labels and have a calorie goal that you are following. Usually when you lose weight, you will also lower your blood pressure. Good luck!
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Community Answers (1)
2009-09-09 15:49:25.0

Insulin can make you can weight. You also will gain if you get low blood sugars and then overtreat. Using sugar pills instead of sweet foods is a better way to treat to be sure you aren't adding unnecessary calories. I go for a walk after meals so that I use less insulin before the meal -- that is a way to limit the quantity of insulin and still have good blood sugars.
Answered By: zumbajane

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