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Thu Jul 23 15:19:41 UTC 2009

Can you use the Atkins meal bars (1/2 bar) or snack bars as a snack? Is 1000mg of Metforin taken twice daily (2000mg) a high dosage?
Asked By: jewel54  

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I am newly diagnosed Type II diabetic (July 8, 2009) and I am trying to control my carb count. I take Metforin twice daily - 1000mg per dose (is that a high dosage) My A1C was 7.8. I need to lose about 100 lbs. I am currently walking 4 times a week and working on getting up to atleast 6 times a week. Sometimes have trouble getting snacks that are 12 carbs so I am looking for quick grabs like meal replacement bars or maybe half of one when I am on the go.
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Expert Answers (1)
2014-08-17 19:20:13.0

Dear Jewel54,

It’s great that you are walking 4 times a week and working on increasing it to 6 times per week! This will assist in weight loss and greatly improve your blood glucose control.

The Atkins meal bars contain a nice amount of protein and fiber and have 19 or less grams of carbohydrate. This amount of carbohydrate is reasonable for most people. However, it depends on how your body responds to it. For example, does it satisfy you or does it lead to cravings an hour after eating it?

You may also want to look for other low carb bars such as coconut chocolate or nut bars. Food manufacturers are starting to decrease the amount of added sugar and increase the amount of protein in some of their bars, so keep your eye out for better choices.

Also, consider a very low carbohydrate snack such as a small protein smoothie made with water or unsweetened almond milk, a hand full of nuts, or a salad.

The maximum metformin dose is 2550 mg, but what’s most important right now is to get your blood glucose into a safe range. It sounds like you are educating yourself, being careful about food choices and working hard at being active — all strategies that contribute to a lower blood glucose which may ultimately lead to a lower dosage of medication.

Keep up the good work!

Accreditations: MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN
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Community Answers (6)
2010-04-19 00:43:03.0

Jewel54, the dosage of Metformin you are taKING, according to my drs., is the max they can prescribe. I, too, am at 1000mg twice a day and insulin, too.
Answered By: olirosa

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2009-07-28 09:21:43.0

You are most welcome! The usual post prandial (after eating) testing time is 1.5 - 2 hours after taking the first bite. This gives the effect of the carbs in what you eat on your blood sugar. According to an answer posted by one of the experts here, after the 2 hour mark (edging into 3 and forward) it is protein and so forth that you are seeing the numbers for. Also, remember that fiber figures into your carb count. If you have an item that has 5 grams or more of fiber in it - you can subtract half from the total carb count. For example - if you were eating item X and it has Carbs listed on the label at 12 per serving. It says that fiber is 7grams per serving. You can take 3.5 grams off the carb total to make it 8.5 grams total carbs per serving.
Answered By: fiercekitten

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2009-07-28 08:06:12.0

Thanks furball64801. This is brand new to me so 2000mg (at the time) seemed like a lot of medicine but after talking to other people with diabetes I now understand what my doctor is doing. Yep losing the weight will help and I do carry my weight around my middle. I am finding a lot of information on this site. Thanks again.
Answered By: jewel54

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2009-07-28 07:55:52.0

Thanks fiercekitten for your help. Yes I am counting carbs daily. 40 to 60 per meal and no more than 15 at snack time. This is what the dietician told me on my visit. I was diagnosed on July 8 but I don't take a nutrition class until Aug 8 so I am going by the 30 min conversation that I had with a nutritionist. You said to test after I try some of the bars as a snack. I am new to this - should I test 1hr after or immediately to see what affects me. I will read the article here on carbs. You gave me some great ideas for snacks I can fix. I too do most of my cooking on Sunday so this should fit in nicely. Thanks again!
Answered By: jewel54

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2009-07-28 06:49:13.0

Hi! Well, I'm not sure about the medicine. I was diagnosed earlier this year and my BG was right at 400. I have brought it down through exercise and diet. So - while I don't know about the met - I can speak to the snacks/eating. You said you are carb counting - are you limiting the number of carbs per day? If so, how did you get the number you are limiting to? Testing will tell you what number of carbs per day puts your BG too high or too low. There are excellent articles here on dLife about fiber, carbs, and the like. The Atkins bars are very much like any other food. You need to test to see how it effects you. How big is the spike after eating it? Does it make it harder to control? Everyone is different and it just depends on how your body responds to any given food item. I can't look at a potato without skyrocketing my blood sugar - but there are others who can tolerate them in limited amounts. Also, with snacks, choose those snacks that are packed with good nutrients, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. In other words, spend your "carb money" on what will give you the most bang for your buck. I find that if I prep things on Sunday - I'm good to go. I keep sliced cheese, cucumber slices, diced bell pepper, egg salad, blackberries, etc. in the house all the time so I have them (I divide them into smaller portions in sandwich bags and the like) when I need to grab something when heading out of the door. Salads prepped ahead of time make it easy too. And all the cooking on Sunday gives my family and I some real quality bonus time! Hope this helps - Good luck to you!
Answered By: fiercekitten

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2009-07-27 21:29:30.0

Is your metformin a high dose that denpends on if you want your bs to come down. Your weigt is blocking the insulin the body is making, I am not saying that to put you down so is mine. If you have weight around the stomach it blocks your bodys own inslin in other words you are insulin resistant. I cant promise you getting the 100 lbs of will lower your bs but it sure cant hurt. If your bs are as high as you say you need to lower yur carb content to lower the spikes.
Answered By: furball64801

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