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Thu May 21 23:45:35 UTC 2009

Just found out my phosphorus is too high. The only thing on the list they gave me of what not to eat that I'll need to stop is dairy and nuts.
Asked By: shirleyscott  

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I can't have anything soy says the nuerologist. Chicken and eggs are the only protein I can think of. What protein can I have for a snack. I also have stage 3 kidney failure, type 2 diabetes, hypothyroid and a vitamin D3 defieciency and an iliostomy.What can I eat? Should I just Make an appointment with my last dietition and update with her and an appointment with my primary care doctor to update with him?
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2009-05-24 11:48:15.0

Dear Ms. Shirley Scott; Shirley, I have to agree with your decision regarding making that appointment with your last "Dietitian" or a Certified Diabetes Educator Dietitian. If your last dietitian has these credentials please see him/her for an individualized meal plan to incorporated your personal food choices. Concerns of Diabetes, stage 3 Kidney Failure, low thyroid function and vitamin D deficiencies all needed to be orchestrated into one plan/pattern specific to YOU. Stage #3 kidney failure has very special meal management needs, as well as the phosphorus restrictions. Depending on your insurance, this 'medical nutrition therapy' appointment should be covered, in diabetes and especially kidney diseases. Yes, right again, make that appointment with your PCP to orchestrate all your components of care.Concerning the diagnosis of kidney failure and ways to slow it progression. Keep the blood glucose levels close to normal-this is KEY. Keep the blood pressure under control, always <130/85, some things to help, if you need to loose weight(again the CDE RD can help), less salt/sodium(2-2300mg sodium per day),, avoid alcohol, if you consume. Due to the functions of the kidney, a protein restriction may be indicated-the RD can help. Thanks for asking dLife. Call on us as needed. I hope this helps. Regards Sue for YOU!
Answered By: Susan Throop
Accreditations: RD, CDE, MA
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