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Sun Feb 12 17:10:48 UTC 2017

I was wondering if anyone new about false/conflicting test results?Had 2 x 2hr glucose test, failed one but passed the other for gestational diabetes
Asked By: acmaurice  

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1ST TEST: 1st 2hr glucose test failed (BUT I wasn't told to fast for 12 hours & read there can lots of false positives -endicronologist said even if I'd eaten 2 hrs prior to test it wouldn't matter & and I had GD.Thought this was weird& insisted on another test(levels for 1st were 81/gl fasting/normal,188gl 1st hr bloodtest/above,175 2hrs/above) 2ND TEST: completely passed.Levels:fasting 73,159 (1 hr),149 (2 hours)>all below.In between, I tested my blood & all results normal but for 1 recently where I was 134 (supposed to be less 120 2 hours post meals)after having eaten McDonald's.Slowly reintroduced regular foods & never seemed to affect my numbers too much.This time,another doctor said he didn't think I had GD & to test blood some after heavy meals. Currently 35 wks now & I'm wondering whether I really have GD? Would I have been able to pass the tolerance test if I really had it?? Baby and amniotic fluid are measuring fine. Any help would be very very helpful!!as I'm very confused
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