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Wed Apr 30 21:15:06 UTC 2014

Hi, i have reactive hypoglycemia (without symptoms), and don't want to become prediabetic or insulin resistant. Can i go on a ketogenic diet?
Asked By: t.sam  
Category: Prediabetes

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I crave carbs all the time, except when i'm on a ketogenic diet. However I don't know the effect this diet will have on my condition. The diet my endocrinologist prescribed to me includes complex carbs, and i don't do well with those, i crave them all the time, so i prefer not eating them AT ALL. I just really love how the Keto diet controls my carb cravings. Thank you
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2014-05-08 14:55:34.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

The ketogenic diet is basically a diet that is high in fat and low in carbohydrates. Research on eating this way, especially long-term, is scarce, but no adverse health effects have been consistently shown.

Since there is much contradictory data about this type of diet, the amount of carbohydrate your metabolism thrives best on is an individual basis. The only real way to know what's best is to monitor yourself.

Our patients with reactive hypoglycemia have successfully managed their blood glucose with limited amounts of complex carbohydrates distributed over 6 small meals. Talk with your doctor about your concerns and share your history with the ketogenic diet.

Read about reactive hypoglycemia.

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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