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Fri Mar 14 20:19:06 UTC 2014

Does anyone have a great recipe for a salad dressing for green salads that is sugar and oil free?
Asked By: mrdodge  

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Expert Answers (1)
2014-04-11 15:35:54.0

Searching our database for a recipe, mrdodge, I find 143 recipes, some of which might fit the bill like this one called Tofu Dressing. I'm no cook, but I don't see any oil, and sugar-free might be a tad harder to find, but this one has just. .3g sugar, .7 total carb.

Here's the complete list of those 143 recipes. Hopefully one will do the trick!

Answered By: Monica Dennis
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Community Answers (4)
2015-04-14 13:08:56.0

Try mixing nutritional yeast with water. Use enough water to make it a consistency to your liking. It makes a good tasting dressing. You can also try it with brewers yeast but I'm told not all Brewers yeast tastes the same because it is a by-product of beer & so taste depends on the beer it came from. So, try it out, taste it, & see.
Answered By: ladylightln

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2014-04-27 00:22:48.0

I was going to say to make a sweet and sour dressing by mixing a sugar substitute into vinegar until you find a taste you like. I did that while dieting. Now I use plain apple cider vinegar or add a little flaxseed oil. It is said that there is a need for some fat for vitamin absorption.
Answered By: drcat1

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2014-04-22 18:01:06.0

If you like "Good Season" envelope Italian dressing. I found a way to make a oil substitute. It is not carb free but it is low carb and oil free. Add 3 teaspoons of corn starch to one 14.5 ounce Vegetable Broth in a small sauce pan. Heat it on a medium high heat (stirring constantly) till the broth becomes thickened. Let it cool and use it as a substitute for the oil when filling the cruet. Place the left over in a ball jar in the refrigerator. It will last a couple of weeks and may thicken some more but it will make 3 or 4 batches.
Answered By: gamache

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2014-04-22 16:41:36.0

I like red wine vinegar. If desired, a little stevia can be added to mellow the tartness. To provide a bit of variety, I keep one plain unsweetened bottle and one sweetened bottle. Another plus, along with being fat free and inexpensive, is that vinegar slows carbohydrate digestion which results in less of a rise in blood sugar levels.
Answered By: vivianeagleson

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