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Fri Jan 31 10:10:52 UTC 2014

If I experience a low b4 a meal (3.3 or below) should I correct or just eat the meal without a bolus? If I correct how long should I to then eat?
Asked By: swissmrs  

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T1 diabetic for 37 yrs. Currently 10 weeks pregnant. Last A1c 6.1 before conception. Sugars in decent control, between 4.1 and 8. Moderately active. This is my first child. This particular day gave a split bolus at breakfast, one dose 1 hour b4 the meal and then during breakfast. 1 hour after breakfast sugar was high (9.0 mmil) but after 15 minutes of exercise sugar dropped to 5. 4 (2 hrs after breakfast). 3 hours later sugar dropped to 2.1 at lunchtime. Ate 6 dextrose tablets (20 grams carb) and tested 3 hours later. Sugar was 6.0. Ate 40 carb lunch. 1 hour after lunch sugar was high 9.1.
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2014-02-21 18:37:08.0

Always correct a low with something like juice or glucose tablets. The 15/15 rule works well - eat 15 grams of glucose and wait 15 minutes before retesting. You can then eat your meal if your BG is out of the danger zone.
Answered By: wendyjim

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