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The Question
Fri Jan 10 22:37:55 UTC 2014

Is Dreamfields pasta really low glycemic? According to an article at About.com, there is quite a controversy raging online about Dreamfields claims.
Asked By: johnmaybury  

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Expert Answers (1)
2014-01-30 19:28:26.0

Thank you for your question to dLife. Dreamfields pasta states that their pasta does not raise blood glucose as much as regular pasta. Dreamfields spaghetti has 41 grams of total carbs for a 2 ounce serving. However, Dreamfields claims that only 5 of these carb grams are “digestible carbs”. Additionally, each serving contains 5 grams of fiber. According to Dreamfields those “protected” carbs become sugar in the bloodstream more slowly than carbs from regular pasta. They state that the combination of soluble fiber and supplemental protein added to the Durum semolina (found in pasta) forms a barrier, which makes most of the carbs resistant to digestion. Dreamfields claims that you can subtract the majority of the carbs in the product because it uses a special process that makes the carbs difficult to digest. However, there have been a number of recent studies done that have shown no difference between blood glucose response from a “ low carb” pasta (like Dreamfields) and typical pasta (Diabetes Care 2011). It’s also important to note that the Dreamfields study was NOT done on people with diabetes. The “scientific” research done by Dreamfields has not been duplicated by other reliable studies. As a matter of fact, there have been several other research findings that do not show any benefit from eating Dreamfields pasta over regular pasta. It’s also very important to look at the serving size of the product and to test your blood sugar after eating this or any carbohydrate containing food to see if your blood glucose level surges. Always follow the specific cooking directions. You might notice a rise in your blood glucose level if the pasta is over cooked. Dreamfields is not a gluten free food, so it isn’t helpful for individuals who follow a gluten free diet. Please consider meeting with a registered dietitian-nutritionist who is also a certified diabetes educator to discuss your meal plan. Together you develop a healthy meal plan which can also
Answered By: Susan Weiner
Accreditations: R.D., M.S., C.D.E.,C.D.N.
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Community Answers (5)
2014-01-31 15:44:35.0

I am type 2 diabetic and I have eaten Dreamfields for quite sometime and have not experienced any spike in my blood sugars. I have tested it against other pastas such as Barilla which did spike my sugars 80+ For my metabolism, dreamfields works. Worry more about your sauce because most canned (jar) have a fare amount of sugar in them-BEWARE AND READ THE LABEL! Most tomatoes are picked before they have ripened hence the need for sugar to increase flavor. I like classico sauces that have only 6grams of sugar on average. RTD
Answered By: rufus53

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2014-01-31 14:35:25.0

I have had it several times and I think it is amazing! I had regular spaghetti at my sisters house and my glucose shot up to like 289 and another time to 300. Each time I have had Dreamfields it has stayed around 150 -180 and that was with garlic bread! Only thing is, we have a hard time getting it here. But when we see it we get it or otherwise Barilla Plus.
Answered By: jabulani

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2014-01-31 11:11:01.0

As a CDE I have recommended patients with diabetes to do their own experiement with testing their BG prior and 2 hours after eating dreamfields pasta. A large percentage >90% of my patients show a very minimal BG raise with dreamfields pasta vs a typical whole grain pasta. GDM patients also really enjoy dreamfields pasta with meals and consistenly have 1 hr pp BG of <130mg/dL.
Answered By: dsanders

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2014-01-28 18:53:28.0

Thanks. I am continuing to use Dreamfields but cooking it al dente to keep the carb count lower. I still would like to hear from a dLife expert on this issue. I also raised this issue with the editors of Diabetes Forecast magazine but have not heard back from them yet.
Answered By: johnmaybury

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2014-01-28 12:02:21.0

I tried the Dreamfields pasta and it only raised my glucose by 6 points unlike other pastas which can really shoot it up. So, I will definitely use it again when I am craving some pasta.
Answered By: klook4040

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