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Fri Dec 27 11:25:37 UTC 2013

Is Garcinia HCA Premium diet pills safe for Type 1?
Asked By: dianalafond  
Category: Type 1

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I've been Type 1 since 1973 and I definitely need to lose weight. There is no way I can cut carbs or my blood sugar will drop.
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2014-05-20 11:17:24.0

Dear Diana:

I must answer your question with a question. Are diet pills safe for anyone?

Garcinia is a plant whose fruit is used for medicinal purposes. Research suggests that it may help prevent fat storage and control appetite. Possible results from taking it include weight loss (although some research shows that it doesn't seem to decrease fat breakdown in overweight people), treating worms, and emptying the bowel.

Long term safety is unknown, however it is possibly safe if used for 12 weeks or less. I do not believe these studies were done on people with diabetes. Do you really want to take the chance? The colon cleanse that comes from such products doesn't just empty your bowel, it also can empty the good bacteria that lives in bowel. My suggestion: Don't mess with it. Don't look for easy answers that will only disappoint in the end.

Generally a 1200 to 1500 calorie meal plan, along with regular (and reasonable) exercise will help the average woman lose about one pound a week. While that can seem intolerably slow when weight loss is foremost on your mind, think of how you'll feel a year from now when you weigh 50 pounds less, and with a MUCH better chance of not regaining it.

You say you cannot reduce your carb intake without a drop in your blood sugar. While I have felt the same way from time to time – the frustrations of trying to eat less, then ending up eating more due to low blood sugar – proper insulin adjustment CAN make it possible.

As with all diet and/or exercise plans, talk to your doctor. Find a plan that's right for you. A Certified Diabetes Educator who is knowledgeable about weight loss would be a great place for you to start. Good luck.

Answered By: Anne Carroll
Accreditations: RN, CDE
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