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Thu Dec 19 10:20:45 UTC 2013

I am trying my best to follow a diet of 60gms and below but , why is it that I cannot maintain my FASTING BLOOD SUGAR TO 150 OR BELOW?
Asked By: nquijote  

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I was dx with type 2 diabetes in 2005, my blood sugar is like a roller coaster, My current A1C level is 7.8 and my triglycerides is 400 (down from 990), and I have a target of 6 or below. As of this writing, I am trying to follow a strict diet of less than 60 gms of carbs per meal - usually 1 banana and a cup of coffe at breakfast; mid-morning snack - 1 pear or sometimes banana; for launch - 1 banana or 1 pear; mid-afternoon snacks - banana or pears again and during dinner, I usually eat 1/4 cup brown rice, fish, mixed vegetables with either pork or beef and light lemonade with Splenda or diet Ginger Ale. Sometimes before bed I eat vegetable salad. I am trying to target below 150 for my Fasting Blood Sugar. I am recently taking METFORMIN 1000MG BID; AMARYL 10 MG BID; ACTOS 15MG OD; LASTUS SOLOSTAR 40u BEFORE BEDTIME; ZOCOR 10MG OD AND more other medications for my depression, panic attacks, insomnia, hypertension, degenerative disc, and acid reflux.
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2014-02-02 15:25:09.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

Fasting blood glucose is the amount of sugar in the blood after eight hours or more without eating. Both diabetes medicines metformin and Lantus are known to impact morning blood glucose.

Talk with your doctor about your elevating fasting blood glucose. Your diabetes treatment plan can be reviewed and modified to meet present needs.

Diet and regular physical activity are the foundation of blood glucose control. From your brief description of your eating pattern, I am concern that your food intake may not be sufficiently balanced to provide optimal nutrition. Consider working with a registered dietitian who can help fine-tune your meal and exercise plan. .

Read about handling a high.

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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2014-02-04 18:00:23.0

you are eating WAY TOO MANY carbs per meal! end of story.
Answered By: lmnohos

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