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Sun Sep 22 13:58:23 UTC 2013

What can I eat with dental work??I
Asked By: zoex1cat  

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I'm 66, Type II with CKD. I only have bottom teeth left, they're coming out on 10/2. I've eaten eggs, cottage cheese some soups with bread in and a few other soft foods. I want to eat well but cannot chew at all! I can't wait until this is over but for now, I need to eat what I can and eat well for my D & CKD. Suggestions, please???
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Expert Answers (1)
2014-04-26 13:05:31.0

Bless your heart! I am sorry to hear of your troubles and commend you for hanging in there and trying to keep up a good diet.

The important key at this time is good blood glucose control to help with healing, as well as protecting your kidneys. It sounds like you already are eating typical soft foods. Keep your eye on the carbohydrates so your insulin can be adjusted appropriately. Of course you need to watch the potassium and phosphorous as well. It sounds like you may be struggling to get protein into your diet. Glucerna or Boost (if your nephrologist agrees) are a tasty tool to keep nutrients in balance, or, if kidney disease is too far advanced, Nepro would be preferred. An unflavored protein powder is also an option to sprinkle on or into foods to help enhance the protein in what you eat. Don't forget the slow cooker. A crock pot can slowly simmer a piece of meat to a very soft consistency which you may be able to enjoy as well.

I hope you'll soon be able to comfortably chew the foods that are good for you. There is no doubt that diabetes and kidney disease are more than enough to handle, without dental problems as well.

Hang in there!

Answered By: Anne Carroll
Accreditations: RN, CDE
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Community Answers (2)
2014-05-17 02:01:01.0

Just a thought. My mother has lost many of her teeth during the past few years, and we've found that an old fashioned food grinder or a food processor can be used to make proteins more edible. For example, there is a great food called pressed chicken that can be eaten on sandwiches, crackers, or even made into a chicken patty and cooked in a nonstick skillet. You take boiled, de-boned chicken, grind it in the grinder, just enough to get it to a ground consistency, but stopping before it turns into a paste. Put 3-4 soda crackers through the grinder -- cleans grinder and gives the mix a little binder. Mix this with a spoon, add a little salt to taste, and a little fresh chicken broth, then keep refrigerated. Add only enough broth to mix completely, as too much won't set up. You should be able to slice it and put it on bread of choice with plenty of shredded or finely chopped lettuce. Hope this helps!
Answered By: garose

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2014-04-26 15:11:15.0

Dear Anne, I want to thank you for your compassionate answer!! I did check dLife and found some things that worked for me. It's been a few months now and I can eat just about anything. Not that I am!! I've gone through quite a time the last year and am now ready to set up my schedule and meal plan. I'm going to check with dLife more often to see what I can plan and what I can learn. Again, thank you for being here for me, I appreciate everything you do!!
Answered By: zoex1cat

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