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Sat Aug 31 14:36:40 UTC 2013

Type 2, BG 220+ for the last 1.5 weeks.Reg 98 Only diet change I'm eating about 1/2 watermelon a day. Is this why BG is High? how long to get it down?
Asked By: unorthodox55  

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Type 2 , take metfomin 1000 2x a day. I exercise 1 hour every day, Aerobics, my blood sugars for the last 2 yrs have been stable at roughly 84-102, I'm 5'5, 148#, the only thing that I changed in my diet lately is for the last 1.5 weeks I've been eating watermelon, allot, Like a half of one a day. and I will eat my steel oats for breakfast as usual but watermelon the rest of the day. I have acquired allot of melons from a friend. This is the only change I have made and I can't get Blood Sugar below 240/220. Are the melons the result? And how long will it take to get those numbers back down if it is the watermelon. I drink more than enough water as well. I checked all my meds to ensure they are correct.
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Expert Answers (1)
2013-10-29 20:18:04.0

Dear unorthodox55,

Thank you for writing dLife!

It seems as if your love for watermelon has wreaked havoc on your blood glucose levels.

Here’s why…

A serving of watermelon is 1 ½ cups and it contains 17 grams of carbohydrate. An average 20 pound watermelon will give you about 21 servings, with a whopping 357 grams of carbohydrate – that’s how much additional carbohydrate you’re eating every two days!!

It’s not necessary to ditch watermelon all together. But I strongly recommend you limit your portion and include the watermelon in your daily carbohydrate budget.

After controlling your carbohydrate intake, it may take up to a week before you see your blood glucose levels return to normal.

Not sure how to count carbohydrate? Here are a few resources right here on dLIfe that can help.

  • Understanding Carb Counting.
  • The dLife Food Finder (Search 25,000+ foods!)
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    Community Answers (2)
    2013-10-22 14:12:07.0

    I have always found that watermelon (even 1 cup) shoots my blood sugar sky high... even more so than the oats... so if that's the only change in your diet, I would cut out the watermelon and see what happens. I know that you wouldn't want to waste them; maybe you could find some one to give them to? a food pantry?
    Answered By: lhgage

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    2013-10-18 11:12:34.0

    Normally, the human body has a tremendous reserve capacity for metabolizing blood glucose. However, type two diabetics have lost much if not all of that reserve capacity. In your case, a breakfast of oatmeal contributes a large amount of carbohydrate to be metabolized. The addition of large quantities of watermelon, or any fruit, will contribute additional large amounts of carbohydrates for the body to metabolize. Fruits, as a food category, are nearly 90% carbohydrate. Overall, your goal as a type 2 diabetic, should be to reduce the amount of dietary carbohydrate. Instead, replace sources of carbohydrates, such as simple sugars, grains, rice, potatoes and fruits, with vegetables, proteins, and healthy fats. A dietary modification of this type, coupled with continued physical activity and exercise, should bring about more stable and lower blood glucose numbers overall.
    Answered By: kenhampshire

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