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Fri Aug 23 19:48:52 UTC 2013

Is a carb cycling diet going to cause major problems with my blood sugar?
Asked By: silentservice  

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I was diagnosed in May, since then I have lost 40 pounds. I need to lose another 60 by the end of the year. I am starting the police academy in January, so I need to get the weight off and get in shape. With Metformin twice a day, my fasting blood sugar runs between 83 and 115. According to the professional trainer many diabetics have successfully used this program with good results.
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2013-10-24 20:06:10.0

Dear silentservice,

Thank you for writing dLife!

Research suggest consistent carbohydrate intake; meal to meal and snack to snack, provides the best blood glucose control in people with type 2 diabetes - particularly those who are on oral diabetes medications.

Carb cycling typically requires you to alternate between high carb days and low-to-no carb days. This type of carb cycling could result in your blood glucose levels following the same – although undesirable – cycle.

To avoid the blood glucose roller coaster effect associated with inconsistent carb intake, I suggest you schedule an appointment with a registered dietitian, who can assist you with a carbohydrate intake schedule that will support your weight loss and blood glucose goals

Click here to find a registered dietitian in your area.

Good luck!

Accreditations: MSEd, RD, CDE, CDN
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