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Wed Jan 16 11:12:23 UTC 2013

I have 5 kids and my husband that I fix dinner for. Im trying to find meals they will enjoy but also healthy for me to since Im diabetic.
Asked By: kam6972  

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I know we should all be eating healthy but alot the recipes I see my kids will not touch. My husband will eat whatever I fix thats not a problem. So if anyone has any ideas of healthy foods I can fix for us all please let me know. I have type 2 diabetes and I dont like to eat. There would be days when I would only eat once a day until I found out I had diabetes and Ive been working to change these things.Thanks
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2014-07-12 15:49:11.0

Dear kam6972,
Thanks for writing dLife!

It is a great idea to help your family eat healthy foods, especially since they may also be at risk for diabetes.

First let’s talk about a few strategies that may be helpful.

  • The most important thing is to work on keeping meal time pleasant. Try to get the kids involved in the food preparation; who knows you may have an aspiring chef in the clan! Kids who are involved in food preparation are more willing to try different items.

  • Another option is to have a family meeting on Sunday to discuss the menu plan for the week. At this meeting, allow those who are old enough to make meal suggestions. This is a starting point; you can always tweak the meal to make sure it has the appropriate balance of foods. This usually means adding a vegetable and/or a salad.

    You can also tweak their suggestions to assure that meals are prepared in a healthy manner. For example, delicious fried chicken can be made from a baked “fried” chicken recipe. Click here to see one right here on dLife.com.

    One of my favorite resources for family dining dilemmas is the kids favorite meals section on Allrecipes.com. The family can scroll through the colorful images here to pick out a new item each week that they are willing to experiment with. Each recipe has ratings and reviews.

    Another great summer option is grilled chicken. The much-undiscovered secret to tender juicy grilled chicken is to marinate chicken breasts for 3 days prior to grilling. Use a mixture of a favorite spice blend with olive oil, orange juice, sea salt and pepper. Omit the salt if it’s in the seasoning blend. Drain and grill. Be careful not to overcook. Slice on the diagonal before serving. Leftovers are great for a lunch salad the next day.

    Bon Appétit!

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