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Mon Jan 14 16:02:26 UTC 2013

I am a type 2, no meds, just diet and exercise. Normally, my daily gluc is bet 124-134. The last 6 days I've averaged 150 (same diet, no change).
Asked By: angelsnow02  
Category: Type 2

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Could a severe cold weather snap be affecting my daily readings? Thanks so much
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Expert Answers (1)
2014-05-15 11:49:01.0

Dear angelsnow02, Thank you for your question. Congratulations on being able to manage your diabetes with diet and exercise. You mentioned that the weather has been very cold lately. Weather can affect your readings. It may also relate to possible changes in the amount of exercise you did during the cold spell. I would not get overly concerned over 1 week's worth of blood sugars. But, if your nextA1c is significantly higher, it might e tIme to add an oral medication to your regimen. Diabetes usually worsens over time. It doesn't mean you have failed, it just means it is time to add another treatment option.
Answered By: Janice Fisher
Accreditations: RD, LD, PHD, CDE, BC-ADM
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Community Answers (2)
2013-03-02 23:41:06.0

When I was first diagnosed with diabetes, I was able to control my blood sugars with diet and exercise for about one year. Then my blood sugars started going up and nothing I did could stop it, so I had to start taking insulin and metformin. That was 7 years ago. Over the years I have had to slowly increase the amount of insulin I take (Lantus - one a day). I have diabetes not because I am resistant, but because my pancreas just doesn't produce enough insulin. It does produce some but over the years I think the amount has slowly decreased.
Answered By: wtastin

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2013-02-23 21:36:30.0

I've had T2D for 10 years and make it a point to read and study everything I can about this disease. Through diet, exercise and eventually meds, I've managed my BG levels quite well most of the time. When I haven't, it usually means that I'm slacking on one (or more) of my diabetes management compontents. Over the past three years, my A1c levels have trended downward from 6.5 to 5.1. The last A1c even made my doc do a double take, lol. With regard to weather impacting your disease, can't say that I've ever heard of that. So I have to ask, are you CERTAIN nothing has changed with regard to your self management? I mean, are you really watching what you eat and are you still exercising regularly to ensure that your BG levels stay stable? Additionally, over the counter medicines may also be the culprit as well as stress, smoking, illness or even your period (hormone fluctuations). Review what's been going on in your life over the past week and be honest about any of the things that you may be doing differently then try to make adjustments accordingly. If your glucose levels continue to be high, then I would suggest you see your doc and/or your diabetes team. It's best to get to the bottom of these changes as soon as possible as you wouldn't want to see a long-term trend of higher BG levels. While 153 BG tests aren't horrible, you say they're not normal for you, so it may be a sign that you might need to make a change in how you manage your disease. Take care and good luck!
Answered By: ddebonline

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