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The Question
Thu Jan 10 13:43:04 UTC 2013

How can I test on my fingers continually, without causing calluses? Is it Possible to damage my fingers so bad that I no longer cannot test on them?
Asked By: kam6972  

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Expert Answers (1)
2013-06-01 08:25:34.0

Hello kam6972
Thank you for bringing your question to dLife. You ask about causing calluses because of fingersticks and if eventually you will no longer be able to test because your fingers are damaged. You should be very careful with your skin. Wash and dry your hands before testing and do not use alcohol to clean the. Use moisturizers to keep skin hydrated. Change which finger you use each time you test to allow time for healing. With the new lancet devices and test strips, you only need a very small amount of blood. Do not pierce the finger more than you need to. Even though you may see advertisements that say there are devices that do not require pricking your finger, they do still require blood from your arm. And you need to check that blood from your arm is giving the same results as your finger does so it really does not solve the problem. There is not really a device that does not require sticking your finger yet. They are in development. There is a sensor that determines glucose levels that is worn on the body that uses infra-red technology that is helpful for some very brittle pump-dependent diabetics but they are not usually available for people who are doing self-monitoring for type II or even for type I in good control. I know it takes prior authorization and much documentation that testing with a glucometer is not keeping a person safe to get approval for this cutting edge device. In the near future, we will see new technologies develop and I think new glucose monitoring methods will be one of them.

How often are you testing every day? Are you following your provider’s directions about frequency of testing? Are you in good control or are you testing frequently because your levels are not stable? Test as often as you need to but try not to do more than you need so your fingers get a break. If you have not gotten a new lancet device and new very thin lancets, I suggest that you do.

Answered By: Rita Juray
Accreditations: RN, MLT-ASCP, CCM, CDE
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Community Answers (2)
2013-03-08 19:55:33.0

I agree with the community. I don't use alcohol,I wash my hand before testing
Answered By: smd1227

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2013-03-08 15:25:40.0

I have recently read in 2 places that using alcohol on your fingers before testing is what causes callouses. It was advised that we simply wash our hands well before testing & do not use alcohol in order to prevent callouses.
Answered By: lnieters

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