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Thu Nov 22 04:11:56 UTC 2012

Best products for testing blood sugar?
Asked By: umangbajpai  
Category: Type 1

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My mother is type 1 Diabetic,now she is diagnosed But I am concerned about maintaining her Blood Sugar Level,there are lots of devices available in market but I am confused with them please suggest me the best Products and which I should prefer?
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-11-28 00:41:43.0

umangbajpai : I appreciate the concern you display for your mother's well-being.

Most meters are quite dependable and can be trusted, however I will admit I'm partial to name-brand meters, rather than store-brands. Watch out for mail order companies who offer to send a "free meter" which will invariably end up being a meter of questionable accuracy which uses strips they are able to obtain at a much cheaper price. You can almost always get a name-brand meter free of charge from your doctor, endocrinologist, or Diabetes Educator. The accuracy of meters is required to be within 20% of lab value, which we all will agree does not seem terribly demanding. What is important to realize however, is that these small meters we use are light, easy to use, easy to carry, relatively inexpensive, and not guaranteed to be working like an expensive laboratory model. For that reason, I suggest using one type of meter only, taking it with you when having blood drawn so that its results can be compared to lab value. That way your mother will know how close to lab value HER meter is. Don't waste time, strips, or blood samples comparing meters, as this will likely lead to more frustration than satisfaction.

Last, but probably most important, is to be sure and go with the meter your mother's insurance company has the highest coverage for (tier-one). If her co-pay amount ends up being unusually high, this may prevent or at least deter her from testing as often as she needs.

You may also want to discuss with your mother's doctor if he or she has a preference. Occasionally a doctor will prefer a specific brand that they can download in their office, or that they prefer the layout of the readings on.

Answered By: Anne Carroll
Accreditations: RN, CDE
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Community Answers (4)
2014-12-30 11:55:57.0

When I was researching for myself, my pharmacy had 2 meters to choose from, both brand name. My insurance covered them both, 1 as tier 1 and the other as tier 3. Rather than ask how much they would cover, which is a number given in percentage rather than dollars, I thought to ask how much I would have to pay for the test strips. The tier 3 strips started out so much cheaper that I pay much less for them than I would for the tier 1 strips.
Answered By: seastar

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2013-09-24 19:46:36.0

With due respect, I disagree with the expert R.N.'s opinion to look for a brand name meter. There are many quality glucose meters that are not brand name. Brand Name items normally cost a lot more simply because the company(manufacturer) has a much higher overhead then your typical generic brand. FDA requires that all generic products abide to the guidelines. Of course you must do a little research to get the specification and quality review for the generic brand you are looking into purchasing. I found that the Advocate Redi-Code Plus is an excellent product. You can find very affordable glucose test strips for $12.99 count of 50 strips including shipping at www.advancedaffordablediabetics.com
Answered By: ily1958

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2013-09-20 16:14:48.0

I posted a previous comment regarding OTC Wholesale for good prices. Well, I've found an even better deal: American Diabetes Wholesale. I still use my Bionime GM300 meter but the savings are much better. This is especially good for people with no insurance coverage for their testing supplies.
Answered By: vivianeagleson

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2012-12-21 12:47:30.0

The meter that I like best is the Bionime brand. I've found it to be more accurate than my previous meter, Reli-On. I got my current Bionime GM300 meter from OTC Wholesale on line for free with the purchase of test strips. This price beats what I was paying for my Reli-On supplies. The price for the Bionime starter kit is $49.95 and includes the GM300 glucose meter, 160 test strips, 110 lancets, lancing device, control solution & carrying case. This price is what you'd pay for just the test strips alone so they are basically giving you the meter. They have other Bionime meters as well as other brands available with similar deals. I like the GM300 model because the display is large and easy to read although the GM100 meter is smaller. Shipping is free for orders over $49.99 and so I got another box of test strips to qualify. In the past I've gotten free meter deals through the mail, but the cost of the test strips were very high. I have no insurance, so cost is a major factor for me. I've been very happy with my Bionime meter, much more so than my Reli-On which is a store brand. The only thing I liked about my store brand meter was the convenience of being able to get testing supplies locally for the cheapest price locally. However, the accuracy of the Bionime as well as the economical price from OTC is worth a little extra planning to order supplies. I always get free shipping and my order always arrives quickly.
Answered By: vivianeagleson

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