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Tue Nov 06 11:49:21 UTC 2012

Asked By: bill59  

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Expert Answers (1)
2012-11-11 16:00:45.0

Thank you for your question to dLife. You're correct! At first, it can be difficult (and time consuming) to bake your own bread. However, some people enjoy baking bread from scratch. If you wanted to bake your own bread, there are flours that don't contain wheat (such as almond or rice flour). However, you can purchase bread which is gluten free, wheat free and dairy free in many health-food stores, supermarkets or gluten free bakeries. What is the reason that you are avoiding wheat? Do you have a wheat allergy? Do you have celiac disease (and therefore avoid gluten)? There are many people who have type 1 diabetes and celiac disease. Both type 1 diabetes and celiac disease are auto-immune disorders. Please consider making an appointment with a registered dietitian who is also a certified diabetes educator. He or she can help you formulate a healthy meal plan that will include your food preferences. Please keep us posted on your progress
Answered By: Susan Weiner
Accreditations: R.D., M.S., C.D.E.,C.D.N.
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Community Answers (6)
2013-05-29 22:06:49.0

For those looking for a good source of gluten-free bread, KatzGlutenFree.com is a tasty option. Can someone explain the reason for flags in this discussion?
Answered By: czechczich

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2013-05-29 12:54:03.0

In response to the first comment: Please be careful about how much flax you eat. Flax contains more plant estrogen than any other food, hundreds of times more than soy, and it is a potent endocrine disrupter.
Answered By: auto1357248690603

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2012-12-05 23:29:17.0

flax seed bread from Red Square is the name of the company, i get mine at low carb grocery store
Answered By: auto1357248893730

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2012-12-05 15:08:22.0

I used to make bread from scratch but then I bought a bread maker. If you can afford one it's a great investment in time and frustration with bread that doesn't come out right. Most bread makers come with recipes - I know mine did, but I don't know if there are gluten-free recipes included. You might have to search for gluten-free bread recipes for bread makers and see if you come up with anything. I used to make bread from proofing the yeast, mixing, kneading (I used to say I took out all my frustrations on the bread dough) and enjoyed that, until I bought my first bread machine. Haven't gone back to the old way because I can't stand in the kitchen like I did back then. And of course, being diabetic I can't eat that much bread because of the carbs. I wish you much luck in your endeavors~
Answered By: greyrep

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2012-12-04 09:00:47.0

Udis makes an excellent bread that tastes most like "regular" bread. It comes in white and whole grain and is found in the freezer section. They also make bagels, buns, rolls,cookies and pizza. If you go to their website udisglutenfree.com you can find out if store in your area carries it - the link is at the bottom.
Answered By: 1gtolady

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2012-12-04 07:20:27.0

Trader Joes sells wheat-free bread (gluten free) with all their other bread. The brand we buy is Udi's. They have both white and whole grain. Whole Foods and other supermarkets who sell gluten free bread have it in their freezer section, along with other gluten free bakery items (bagels, muffins, cakes, etc.) The brand we buy at supermarkets is Rudi's. You can also buy online. Just search gluten free bread. Hope this helps.
Answered By: searward

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