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Tue Oct 23 13:21:35 UTC 2012

My blood glucose levels have been very high i the mornings (150-360 mg/dl)Do u think my doctor will put me on meds?
Asked By: babyd2012  
Category: Prediabetes

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I was diagnosed with pre-diabetes a year and a half ago. I am 19 years old. My A1C are usually between 5 and 6. My meter shows really high reading but my A1C is fine. Ive had 4 reading over 200 in the past month. Im not sure if my doctor will put me on meds or insulin. what do i do if I cannot swallow pills and my endocrinologist tries to put me on oral meds? I exercise daily and eat healthy/low carb meals.
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2012-10-25 08:23:07.0

Hello baby2012
Thank you for bringing your concern to dLife. You are reporting some high glucose levels. Fasting glucose levels of 150-360mgdl and four readings greater than 200mg/dl in the last month. You are no longer Pre-Diabetic as you have met the criteria for the diagnosis of Diabetes. You need to call your doctor and make an appointment. These glucose levels, as you report them, are causing damage to your cells and organs. You need to develop a treatment plan that you can follow. If swallowing pills is an issue, you must tell you doctor this. If the doctor orders tablets for you and you do not take them then your glucose will not be improved. Your pharmacist may be able to suggest something. There are many medications to treat Diabetes. Maybe your doctor can chose a medication that is easier for you.

I also suggest that you reach out for some counseling. You may be experiencing anxiety over this situation and that will not help you with making the needed changes to control your glucose level. COPING.

Answered By: Rita Juray
Accreditations: RN, MLT-ASCP, CCM, CDE
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