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Wed Oct 17 20:28:25 UTC 2012

I had quadruple by pass surgery in April and ever since my bsl readings have been excellent. I still walk daily but I haven't done any thing different

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My doctor doesn't know what this might be but I should be able to learn if this surgery has given me a new flow of blood throughout my system. Its very strange to me and no one I have talked to about it can tell me. Does anyone know what this might be?
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2012-10-19 14:05:24.0

Congratulations on the successful outcome of your surgery. You question is a real puzzle. If you have lost weight since the surgery that may be one reason for your improved numbers. Exercise will also improve your numbers. So will eating healthier and of course, adjusting medication. "Increased circulation" from your sugery would not affect your numbers. If I had to guess what has caused the improvement, I would say that you and your body were under stress due to your cardiac condition. Stress elevates blood sugar levels. Now that your condition is fixed, you are not stressing your body as much and so your numbers are down. I would welcome the other educators on dLife to add anthing they can to your question because I cannot think of anything else except the old saying "Don't look a gift horse in the mouth!" Good luck.
Answered By: Donna Yuscavage
Accreditations: RN, BSN, CDE
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