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Thu Sep 27 16:25:26 UTC 2012

My doctor told me to eat more brown rice and to follow the GI food list but I am finding conflicting information. How do I know what is correct???
Asked By: jenalynn  

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She told me to eat less pasta, which is low on the GI list and more brown rice which is high at 92! She also said no apples or milk in the mornings because it raises blood sugar too much in the AM but they are both low on the list too. I am so confused!
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-10-03 19:53:22.0

Thank you for your question to dLife. The glycemic index ranks foods based on how much they raise blood glucose levels. Foods are ranked as low, medium or high glycemic index foods. All foods are compared to either white bread or pure glucose. Only foods which contain carbohydrates are included on the glycemic index list. For example, red kidney beans have a low glycemic index because they don not have a significant impact on blood glucose levels. Glycemic index, glycemic load and carbohydrate counting are all useful methods for meal planning. Meals and snacks consist of various combinations of foods and nutrients. If you consumed 1/2 cup of cooked whole wheat pasta by itself your blood glucose response would most likely be different than if you ate 1/2 cup of cooked whole wheat pasta with 2 cups of broccoli (which is high in fiber). So when planning your meals and snacks, it is important to consider portion size, fiber and overall nutritional content of your menu. Please consider working with a registered dietitian who is also a certified diabetes educator. He or she could help you plan healthy meals and snacks which will include your food preference and health goals.
Answered By: Susan Weiner
Accreditations: R.D., M.S., C.D.E.,C.D.N.
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Community Answers (4)
2016-06-21 17:15:24.0

I am a Nurse practitioner and teach this to patients and Dr's. Ues the MY GI APP that is free. The green items and the lower the number the lower the impact on blood sugar. Conversely if yellow and above 55 more of an impact and if 70 or higher a bigger impact on blood sugar. Use this to make decisions about foods you will eat. The more fiber the slower the food will digest and the blood suagr wil be better. If you use vinegar or lemon juice that will lower the blood sugar even more as it slows digestion. Hope this helps!
Answered By: dolphin123

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2016-06-17 19:42:38.0

I have been diabetic for 28 years and the nutrition part has always been a mystery. I have tried almost every diabetic diet out there . Recently my trainer recommended a low carb, high fat, protein diet, the -Atkins diet and its working. My blood sugars have come down and I am actually losing weight ! I have not run this by my endo but did mention it to my PCP and she was delighted. I had mentioned something like this to my endo in the past and she said the high fat was not good, when actually Atkins is known to bring down triglycerides and even raise HDL. Why don't these Doctors who see that someone is struggling with control that maybe Atkins will work for them !
Answered By: alyakush

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2012-10-09 17:57:40.0

I find this GI very misleading. I have found even in the early days after my diagnosis that foods listed as having a low GI would still give me a bg spike. I suggest you find the foods which are good for you by measuring your bg at around the one hour mark after eating. This way you will know from first hand experience, and not rely on outside information. Henry
Answered By: hemyd

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2012-10-07 10:29:14.0

Your doctor is a jerk. I find most doctors don't really understand the foods..they understand the meds. (1)Get a book if you can't see a diabetic counselor. (2) Test often and see what works for you. I cannot do rice of any kind. All diabetics are not alike, in spite of the "one size fits all" approach. I suggest starting with a low carb (15 carbs) per meal, just for a short time, and slowly add more and varied kinds, check blood sugars and see what works for YOU. Like the pro said, when eating carbs, add high fiber. You are looking for high fiber carbs...complex carbs. Mornings are the absolute worst for me...I have to severely limit morning carbs (talk about tough!) but can add more in later in the day. This is what works for me. Good luck!
Answered By: careclare54

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