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Wed Sep 19 19:17:07 UTC 2012

Levimor or Lantus follow-up? Is there a blood test that the ings can be added to your blood in a test tube to see if your blood reacts to it? Name?
Asked By: aroosachapal  
Category: Insulin

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When I was in the hospital, they wouldn't let me have my own pills and they did some kind of test to make sure I wouldn't be allergic to the blood pressure pill. When admitted, I was only taking two scrips. I have no idea of the name. They were giving me some kind of insulin but I have no idea of what kind it was. By the way, my Endo called with the results of the blood tests. My A1c dropped 2.6 in two months. (Without insulin.) Diet and exercise alone. That's very encouraging to me. I have been seeing a Nutritionist who specializes among other things, in diabetes. My PCP recommended her.
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2012-10-02 13:35:56.0

I,m sorry, but your question is unclear. Please resubmit it and we will answer. Stopping diabetes pills and using insulin while in the hospital is now a standard treatment in most areas. This is because many pills need to be held for some hospital tests to be done. Pill action is also unpredictable during a hospital stay if someone needs fast for procedures or other treatment. Insulin treatment is much more predictable that that of most pills so it is the best and safest way to manage blood sugars when hospitalized.

Congratulations on your A1C and great diabetes self management!

Answered By: Donna Yuscavage
Accreditations: RN, BSN, CDE
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