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Thu Aug 30 10:40:28 UTC 2012

Why does my HR go above 80-85% max so quickly during exercise? Why do I yawn frequently while exercising?
Asked By: obiesmommy  
Category: Exercise

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T1 36yrs. Insulin Pump. 30-40 min workout 2-3 times a week at Curves for 1.5 yrs. BG does not seem to correlate with HR rise or yawning. I have a hard time keeping my HR from going too high and feeling nausous while doing my workout. Is this cause for concern?
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2012-08-31 08:10:21.0


First of all, itt's good that you are exercising regularly since doing so is very beneficial to your health and does enhance your insulin action. Usually after you've been working out regularly for a while, your body adapts and you will have a lower heart rate for the same activity compared to when you started--this is a training effect. if your exercise intensity is the same as before, yet your heart rate still goes that high, then it may be cause for concern.

For anyone with diabetes who is just starting exercise and wants to engage in vigorous (high-intensity) workouts, especially with a diabetes duration of longer than ten years, it is usually recommended that she/he sees a physician for a checkup and has an exercise stress test. Such tests can determine if you have any underlying cardiovascular problems like heart disease (caused by plaque formation in arteries leading to the heart). This may be something you want to consider having done even though you've been working out intensely for a while.

As for yawning, it is not uncommon for people to yawn a moderate amount when they're working out. They used to think it was due to lack of oxygen, but that is not the cause. It may be a cooling mechanism for the brain. If you do it excessively, however, it can also signal heart or blood pressure problems. Since you also have a higher-than-expected heart rate response to workouts given that you have been training for a while, it may be an additional signal that you should have your cardiovascular health evaluated. Hopefully, all will check out good, and then you can just chock it up to one of those quirks of human beings!
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