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Fri Aug 10 17:07:46 UTC 2012

FBS now in 200s after starting Lantus 2 wks ago. 10u per noc plus inc. 1u per noc if FBS not 120. 1 week ago Dr. inc. to 30u q morn. Still in 200+
Asked By: cljung  
Category: Insulin

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Dr. says come back in a month. What's going on? I was lower before insulin, although I feel good for the first time in 3+ years. Not exhausted anymore. No change in diet but I have increased exercize -- working in garden more.
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-08-15 20:36:28.0

Hello CLJung
Thank you for bringing your question to dLife. You have recently started insulin using long acting Lantus. The great thing about insulin is that it can be titrated up until your goals are reached. Just that your provider has given you the responsibility of titrating up your dose shows me that there is a trust between you and your provider. Great!

Changing your dose to twice a day will ensure that there is no lapse in availability of insulin. Be sure you know if the provider still wants you to increase any doses or just take glucose readings as a fasting and possibly as a two hour post prandial after your largest meal. Keep good records and you and your doctor will find the best dose for you. Remember your eating pattern must also be consistent. Good luck. I cannot wait to hear about your progress!

Answered By: Rita Juray
Accreditations: RN, MLT-ASCP, CCM, CDE
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