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Fri Aug 03 20:05:51 UTC 2012

I am a well-controlled type1 diabetic who has walked for years. I would like to start jogging. Is running a good exercise for diabetics?
Asked By: rusty44  
Category: Exercise

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I am 46 years old. I used to run years ago before the diabetes. I am on the pump
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2012-08-09 15:50:17.0

Dear rusty44,

I am glad to hear that you have continued to exercise with type 1 diabetes as doing so is one of the best way to prevent long-term health complications.

As for running or jogging instead of walking, at this point in your life, it is your choice, and running is perfectly acceptable as a form of exercise. There are many, many people with type 1 diabetes who are runners; some even compete in marathons, triathlons, and other long-distance events. However, be forewarned that running is not a long-term exercise for most people, regardless of whether or not they have diabetes.

If you choose to run with diabetes, you just need to be aware of a few extra concerns. For starters, running is more intense than walking and will likely have a different effect on your blood glucose levels, depending on how fast, far, and often you run. Always carry emergency supplies with you to treat hypoglycemia. You should also progress your distance slowly to avoid overuse injuries (that people with diabetes are more prone to develop). Finally, get a good pair of running shoes and just inspect your feet daily for any early warning signs of damage that you may not fully feel, especially if you have developed any neuropathy in your foot (or do in the future).

A whole host of other activities are also open to you, so consider doing a variety to get the benefits of cross-training and so that you don't overstress your lower extremities with running. You want your exercise routine to be a lifelong one.
Accreditations: PhD, FACSM
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