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Tue May 23 19:38:32 UTC 2006

What are long-term effects of an episode of an extremely elevated blood sugar lasting a few hours, specifically one that registers over 500? I understand there is the possibility of ketoacidosis when the episode happens, but are there any dangerous after-effects to be aware of? Thanks in advance for your response.
Category: Type 1

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2008-11-18 12:52:49.0

If you are seeing BS levels over 500 it should raise a red flag. You can not have high sugars like that and stay well for very long. If you haven't yet tried it. Stop what you are doing right now and test your self. If you are high, shoot yourself with some insulin in your abdoman, and check your sugar every 15 minutes for an hour. Don't eat unless you have to. Now watch what happens, if your sugar goes down. Your insulin is OK, but you may not always be injecting it in the proper manner. Where do you shoot up? If you constantly shoot in a scar tissue area or into fat you may not be getting any insulin at all. If you BS level does not go down try to shoot more and test again for 2 hours. If it stays high I would guess your insulin is dead or old. One thing for sure is get it down NOW! Having that high of sugar even for a couple of hours can be a real strain on your eyes and kidneys. Forget about the long term complications, you're going to get them right here and now if we don't get your sugars under control.
Answered By: auto1357248447176

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