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Sat Jul 14 08:14:03 UTC 2012

Re. sensitivity to insulin to muscle size. Is it a good idea to take protien.Soya. to help muscle size..with plenty of exercise.
Asked By: clifftops  
Category: Exercise

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I am 62 and mountain bike regularly and take soya to build muscles up..I am type 2 on Lantus and metformin and gliclazide.
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2012-07-18 07:53:04.0

Dear Clifftops,

While you are correct that you need to have adequate intake of quality proteins to help maintain your muscle mass, the main thing that causes muscles to decrease in size is lack of use. Muscles increase in size when stimulated by either intense aerobic activity or resistance training. To keep your muscle mass as large as possible (and your insulin action higher), you should be regularly engaging in such activities. Resistance training is recommended at least two to three days per week for most adults and should include some heavier lifting or weights to stimulate the retention of all of your muscle fibers. If you are taking in adequate calories, your protein intake is not as critical as you will likely be taking in enough of that as well if your diet is balanced.
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