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Mon Jul 09 11:32:49 UTC 2012

to whom should i tell that i have type 2 diabetes since 2003. should it be just my immediate family and doctor??
Asked By: mking300  
Category: Other

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michael d. king 1927 queenswood drive apartment b202, york, pa 17403.
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-07-16 17:41:33.0

Whom you tell about your diabetes is completely up to you. Some advantages of telling others(friends, workplace) are
  • Being open helps teach others about diabetes and fights prejudice. Hiding your diagnosis may send a message that you have something to be ashamed of.
  • It may make life easier for you because you won't have to hide a big part of your life, plus, you won't have to keep track of whom you have told and whom you have not told.
  • Telling others about your diabetes may make it easier for you to accept the condition yourself.
  • If your diabetes medication puts you at risk for low blood sugar, telling others may help keep you safe as they would likely recognize your symptoms and help you during a reaction.

    Reasons not to tell include

  • You may just want to respect your privacy,.
  • By not telling people at work you are less likely to lose a job promotion or encounter discrimination.

    Don't let diabetes define you you are or make you feel less than perfect. Instead, just try to accept that diabetes is a part of your life and it is what it is. Also, learn your legal rights in the work place. It is unlawful for employers to ask about your diabetes before hiring you. Once a job is offered, employers can ask you about your diabetes but only as it relates to your specific job and as part of the employment physical exam.

    Your question is a dilemna that most all adults with diabetes have to face. Whom you tell depends on your circumstances and how well you know and trust your friends and/or the people you work with. Each person with diabetes must make their own individual decision based on their own unique circumstances. I hope this response makes it easier for you to make yours. Good luck.

  • Answered By: Donna Yuscavage
    Accreditations: RN, BSN, CDE
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