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Thu Jul 05 19:53:02 UTC 2012

Will glucose test harm my kidney?
Asked By: emmaleighs  

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I found out a few years back by accident that I was born with 1 kidney. My GFR was 45 (later was high-50s, 70, then 95). I had a rapid GFR while in the ER due to a 103D fever (ended up being a UTI) showed GFR to be 133. I had the 1-hour, 50-gram glucose test last week for gestational diabetes and failed by 11 points (151). I'm scheduled to have a 3-hour, 100-gram glucose test and am worried that all of this sugar will harm my kidney function. I watch the amount of sodium, sugar and protein I consume, which has helped greatly to increase my GFR. I am a white female, 22 years old, weight is 120pounds (100 before pregnancy) and am in otherwise healthy/normal condition. How does having 1 kidney affect the glucose test? Is it bad for me to consume this much sugar?
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2012-07-06 16:12:32.0

A glucose tolerance test does not affect kidney function and should not hurt your body in any way. However, to make you feel more confortable with the procedure, have this information verified when you are asked to read and sign the permission slip for the procedure. Good luck in your pregancy!
Answered By: Donna Yuscavage
Accreditations: RN, BSN, CDE
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