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Sat Jun 30 10:35:03 UTC 2012

What do I do when my fasting blood sugar is high? I slept 2 hrs longer than normal, tested 153. Do I still eat breakfast or walk and eat later?
Asked By: cindywalters  

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Diagnosed May 4th,2012 500mg metformin 4 times daily.
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-07-06 13:31:18.0

By what you said I would assume the higher than usual blood sugar happened because you slept in a bit. Sometimes without breakfast, blood sugars can tend to rise because digestion does expend energy. In this case you can choose to take a walk or just eat a lower carb meal for breakfast then test a few hours later. Check with your health care team for the best advice for you!!
Answered By: susan sloane
Accreditations: B.S.,Rph.,C.D.E.,Nutritionist
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Community Answers (1)
2012-07-10 13:25:40.0

Cindy, remember, diabetes is a set of symptoms that indicate that the sugar regulating mechanism in your body no longer works as it is designed. Normally, your body will keep your BG relatively stable no matter what you eat or when you eat it. But with T2, your body's ability to maintain that balance, and the "set" point around which that balance is maintained, are both compromised. Additionally, you have metformin exerting an extra influence into that system that can be hard to quantify. The "dawn phenomenon" you are experiencing is quite normal as your body losses its ability to maintain your BG near normal. It's like the thermostat in your body is a little "sticky." As your BG drops overnight, your liver senses that drop and begins to convert stored glycogen back into glucose for release into the bloodstream. This is entirely normal and prevents BG from dropping too low. In your case, the BG "thermometer" is probably sticky and set too high, so the liver doesn't act until your BG gets very low, causing it to secrete more glucose than normal, and it continues to secrete glucose longer than it should. The result is an elevated BG reading when you awake. The solution is to eat a low-carbohydrate, whole food diet, and to get fit. Don't eat processed anything! This will bring about an immediate improvement in your BG, usually bringing it back to normal. Over time, this lifestyle change will tend to "re-set" your body's glucose thermostat and it will begin to be more sensitive. This means your liver will not release more glucose that is needed, and your pancreas will not produce more insulin than is needed. Think of working with your body's natural sugar regulating system and you will experience normal blood glucose like many other T2's. The best.
Answered By: kenhampshire

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