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2012-06-26 19:25:24.0

I use an insulin pump need help with dawn phenonena my dr had increased my 3am to 7am basal rate but it hasn't helped any suggestions?
Asked By: orange26  

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2012-09-03 19:08:54.0

Suerph43 has some good tips for you. The risk of increasing a nighttime basal rate must be balanced with middle of the night blood glucose checks. I would suggest you look into using a Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for a week if you do not have one combined with your pump. They can be placed at your doctors' office or by a local Certified Diabetes Educator. Most insurance companies will pay for this service even if they don't allow purchase of a CGM for personal use. With the information you learn from wearing it, you will see whether it's the timing of your basal rate that needs adjusting, or the amount of basal insulin that needs tweaking.

I trust you are testing your blood glucose right before bed. ? High fat foods eaten in the evening can also affect BG up to several hours later. Oftentimes figuring out BG swings takes a lot of good old fashioned detective work! Stay in touch with your doctor until you get this figured out! Good luck.

Answered By: Anne Carroll
Accreditations: RN, CDE
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2012-07-06 13:25:32.0

Blood sugars are affected by multiple factors, so there may be more digging to do yet. I would assume you are checking BG at 2-3 am to make sure your blood sugars are, indeed rising. Sometimes a high may result from a low blood sugar at this time. You may also need to give the basal rate time to adjust or your health care team may raise it a bit more if it doesn't help at the current dosage. Sometimes exercise in the PM works to help keep blood sugars more regular. Stay focused and patient; you will get there!
Answered By: suerph43

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