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Sat Jun 09 08:29:14 UTC 2012

type 2, cp with weakness in muscles, taking water pills, creatine high, is it kidney damage? Also take atenolol and glyburide. Food algy is my enemy
Asked By: eabols  

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Walked aprox 6 miles and carrying water, soda for low bs the day before labs were done. can't rely on regular meals when out with other people. We took someone out for break the day of the 6 mile hike. I also carry candy bec I got trapped in elevator once. Doc wants me to consider insulin. I am not in favor of it because of unrel meals times. A few bubbles only some times in urine. I thought it was from chemical in toilet water. I successfully lost wt have kept it off for 2 yrs 185 to 112#. BP in good range because of water pills. Been on wp for 2 yrs. Fasting bs 196 to 224. I have snack before bed. Usually egg whites and milk. Slow metab. Nutrition textbook says ATP and creatine depletes after 20 min walk and that when muscles at rest it restores. Could the cerbral palsy weakness be the cause of the hi creatine? Depression and Easter made me cheat for a couple of weeks but that's over. Nutritionist says I can have 1 hot chocolate with splenda. That keeps me happ
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2012-06-15 16:22:37.0

Hi. Welcome to dLife! You have brought up 2 issues:

1. Your creatinine is high, do you have kidney disease?....Creatinine levels increase with impaired kidney function. When left uncontrolled, diabetes can cause kidney disease. People with diabetes should be tested yearly for protein in the urine, blood creatinine and estimated glomerular filtration rate. I urge you to see your doctor to discuss these tests your concerns about kidney disease.

2. Does cp cause elevated creatinine?....I could find no source that shows a connection between these two, but I do know that if you have diabetes and an elevated creatinine, this is something that needs to be followed up with your doctor.

I have 3 concerns about your question. First is that you have experienced low blood sugar reactions and that you threat them with candy. Some candies are good treatmens for low blood sugar and others are not. Second, you don't want to go on insulin because of your irregular meal schedule yet your fasting is 196-224.

Your sugars are not in a safe place to prevent or control complications of diabetes. It is important to have your blood sugars in a target range (usually 70-130 fasting) and an A1c of less than 7%. Your current treatment is not working to meet these goals. Please get more information about other treatment options including pills, non-insulin shots and insulin. By the way, insulin can be adjusted to mealtimes much easier that most pills.

Lastly, I am concerned about the protein in your diet. It is recommended that people with decreased kidney function cut down on protein (ex. egg white) intake.

Please see your doctor for a kidney eval and ask to be referred to a dietitian and a certified diabetes educator. All these resources with help you with your health concerns, med choices and provide you with info and support to manage your diabetes and prevent or slow down development of diabetes complication. Good luck.

Answered By: Donna Yuscavage
Accreditations: RN, BSN, CDE
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