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Wed Jun 06 08:36:42 UTC 2012

I am having a hard time losing weight. I log everything I eat and exercise at least 30 minutes a day. I do not eat anymore than 150 carbs a day.
Asked By: justintime  

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Taking Levemir at night and humalog with meals. AM BS between 30-90, PM BS 120-200. Trying to lose at least 10lbs but it feels like I am gaining weight. My clothes feel tighter even though the number on the scale has not increased more than a pound or two.
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-06-12 20:05:21.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

Glad to hear that you are exercising regularly and controlling your carbohydrate intake. Keeping a log helps to see exactly what you are eating.

Carbohydrates are only part of the story. Food also contain protein and fat. They all contain calories. If more calories are taken than used over time, then weight gain would occur. The opposite also holds true. When fewer calories are consumed, then a person will lose weight.

As blood glucose (sugar) improves, the body retains the glucose. If not used for energy, the calories from glucose is stored and therefore weight gain.

What to do? Reduce food intake? Increase activity? Perhaps both. You would want to lose weight healthfully. I recommend that you talk with a registered dietitian experienced in diabetes about establishing an individualized meal and exercise plan to promote weight loss and blood glucose control. He or she can help you fine-tune your food intake-incorporate your favorite foods while controlling portions as well as calories.

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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Community Answers (1)
2012-07-13 21:59:56.0

Non-medical person here, Type 2. First, is your doc OK with a.m. BS below 70? Seems awfully low. I get shaky at 65. Anyway, almost any adjustment you make to lose weight can mess up good management of BS. But you probably need to take in less..or burn more...or both. No magic there. Review meds with doc in case something is slowing your metabolism down or screwing with your metabolism. Ask your doc about thyroid, just in case. Given that those are OK, you may want to consider either more agressive 30 minutes (moderate 30 minutes is more of a maintainance type of exercise routine) or jump up to an hour to burn more calories, just watch your BS...can go up or down with more exercise. You may need to get your metabolism up to burn up more "fuel". Also, consider your calorie intake. (I really hate counting calories!) Often I find my BS OK, but the calorie count (mostly in fat but sometimes it is volume) can easily edge higher, since I have no finger test for that! You also may consider dropping one of your carb servings per meal for a low carb item (extra veggies on the salad), but again, watch your glucose. Once you begin to lose weight, you may find the magic formula, and if your BS is OK, you could try to ease back to 150 carbs a day. My favorite weight loss boost? Hefty salads for lunch for a week. Best for me?,... large salad, good greens with lots of low carb veggies, limited cheese and dressing, plus a serving of lean protein ...and one serving of carbs (whole wheat crackers, beans, peas, crushed whole corn tortilla chips...pick just one!). Try basalmic vinegar for a dressing. The acidic addition can be good for weight loss and blood sugars.
Answered By: careclare

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