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Wed May 30 14:25:41 UTC 2012

What doctor helps with Neuropathy? Podiatrist, Neurologist?? My endrocrinologist is not interested in helping me. It's very painful- at night.
Asked By: kitchens  
Category: Neuropathy

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My vascular doctor says it's not vascular. He suggested a nerve conduction study. What do you think?
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Expert Answers (1)
2012-06-12 19:53:58.0

Hello kitchens
Thank you for bringing your question about neuropathy to dLife.

Podiatrists are specialists that examine and treat the foot and ankle. This, of course, is the most common area of the body the people feel the symptoms of neuropathy. A podiatrist should be seen every year for examination. They will look for decreased sensitivity in the feet which may be a symptom of neuropathy and will treat for such. Just keep in mind that neuropathy can happen anywhere in the body and affect any nerve in the body. I suggest seeing a podiatrist annually as recommended in the American Diabetes Association Guidelines. I also suggest talking to your primary care provider to see if you should be referred to a neurologist. The neurologist is the specialist that would exam, diagnose, and treat neuropathy any anywhere in the body.

Self-management of your Diabetes should include good glucose control maintaining a HbA1c within the recommended target range that you and your primary care provider or Endocrinologist have set. Self-management needs to also include daily inspection of your feet (use a mirror if needed) to be sure there are no cuts or wounds. If there are, call your Podiatrist right away. Self-management should also focus on keeping your glucose levels within range to slow the progression of complications. Read about NeuropathyNERVES.

Answered By: Rita Juray
Accreditations: RN, MLT-ASCP, CCM, CDE
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Community Answers (1)
2013-02-10 11:29:52.0

My primary doctor sent me to a podiatrist. She examined me and made changes in my arch supports and shoe size. She also suggested I see a neurologist. The nurologist ran a series of tests and prescribed Lyrica. This has the symptoms mostly under control. If you primary isn't interested in the problem and doesn't refer you to another doctor - IMHO get another one.
Answered By: dit65

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