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Fri May 11 20:54:01 UTC 2012

I keep getting trush around my private part,and it has a very bad smell, is there anything I could do to stop this?
Asked By: murtrock  

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I am type 1, I inject myself 4 times a day. I take a high dose of insulin, 3 x70 mils in the day, and 90 mils of Lantus at night. I am also on a lot of other meditcation for my legs. M suger levels are sometimes very hi. Martin
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2012-05-17 13:28:15.0

High blood sugar affects the skin everywhere on your body. Yeast infections are more likely to develop in skin folds like the groin area. Consult your doctor about the problem you are having. You may need a special cream or other medicine to clear it up.

Here are some additional skin care tips:

  • keep the area clean and dry
  • try using talcum powder
  • wear all cotton underwear
  • speak with your doctor about how to get contol of your blood sugar levels. Without good blood sugar control, you are not likely to rid yourself of the problem. Good luck.
  • Answered By: Donna Yuscavage
    Accreditations: RN, BSN, CDE
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