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Thu May 03 21:41:01 UTC 2012

If I had gastric bypass, never was a diabetic and have never regained weight, why would I now have blood sugars in the 300's?
Asked By: pearlgem  

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No history of diabetes even when BMI was 48%. I have only regained 4 lbs from my all time low and now have a BMI of 24%. I have had annual fasting sugars in the 80's. Now suddenly, on preop labs have blood sugar of 307!(this was not a fasting)I am female, 53yrs old and have some family history of diabetes, diet controlled. I had surgery to avoid diabetes... Never had a fasting before of over 90. No gestational diabetes. Getting rechecked as a fasting, but this freaks me out.
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2012-05-11 11:14:55.0

This is a complicated question that will not really have an exact answer. During the time you were overweight you may have developed a lot of insulin resistance and perhaps even your pancreas was not producing as much insulin as it could have due to many possible factors. Type 2 diabetes takes years to develop in many cases, at least years before you see blood sugars start to rise significantly. Surgery is an insult to the body and the surgery may have stressed the body during recovery to the point that blood sugars started to rise noticeably. This may come down as you recover, but the exact cause may never be determined. The weight loss will help you achieve control no matter what meds you take,etc. Good luck!
Answered By: susan sloane
Accreditations: B.S.,Rph.,C.D.E.,Nutritionist
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