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Wed Apr 25 13:24:20 UTC 2012

I am a 19 year old Type 1 diabetic and my period is so irregular and scanty. Its so impossible to fix this and does this increase my weight..?
Asked By: aroosachapal  

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I have Diabetes since I was 13 years old and ever since I have Diabetes my period cycle became bad. But lately it is getting worse and making me moody and having acne on face and also boils on my leg.. I have them for a day and sometimes not even that. My fasting BS is usually between 150 to 200 i dont even get why. I have tried reducing my Lantus dose assuming that its a rebound affect, its still the same. i even increased the dose, it has no effect.. Can this affect my period..?? And being a type 1 diabetic, can not having regular period make me fat..?? I run for an hour everyday eat healthy but my complications have just been increasing. Also my doctor asked me to stop taking glucophage (metmorfin) a few months back and my weight is around 164 lbs..
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2012-05-03 19:40:23.0


Thanks for asking dLife. Glad that you are eating healthfully and engage in regular physical activity.

Irregular menstrual periods are linked to higher levels of blood glucose (sugar) levels. Study results show that irregular menstrual cycles occur frequently among teens.

The hormonal changes that occur with menstruation can cause changes in blood glucose levels. Insulin needs increase substantially because blood glucose levels are increasing. In addition to your menstrual cycle affecting your ability to control your diabetes, having type 1 diabetes can affect your menstrual cycle.

Talk with your doctor about how your monthly hormonal fluctuations may affect your diabetes management plan. Closely monitor blood glucose levels and adjust insulin in the days leading up to your menstrual period for a few months, until you have a good idea of how your insulin needs respond to changing hormone levels. Maintaining consistency in your food intake and routine contribute to better blood glucose control. It is great that you are trying to be more aggressive in treating diabetes as well as control weight gain.

If you wonder about experiencing rebound hyperglycemia (Somogyi effect), just set your alarm clock to wake up between 2 and 3 a.m. and test your blood glucose. Low blood glucose levels could signify the Somogyi effect is in action.

Read about how menstruation can effect insulin needs!

Here is more information about Somogyi effect!

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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Community Answers (2)
2012-05-20 17:48:07.0

Have your doctor check your thyroid levels.
Answered By: khaos

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2012-05-20 17:43:50.0

Have your doctor check your thyroid levels too.
Answered By: khaos

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