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Fri Jan 13 16:13:35 UTC 2012

This is canvas man. Thanks to all who answered my question. It seems like I struck a nerve. My A1c is 6.0 ,no drugs, just keeping carbs <40 daily.
Asked By: canvasman  

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Both kenhampshire and karend answered what I have been hearing from my nutritionist. Low carbs, Under 45 FOR THE DAY, NOT MEAL, will control your blood sugar and I agree, my results are good. I have read Dr. Bernsteins book and my nutritionist had me on a very similar diet. After 5 months on diet, my BFG was 112 and my A1c, went from 6.7 to 6. I went to a seminar given by the American Diabetes Assoc. and the speaker was telling everyone to eat 45 grams of carbs,PER MEAL. So I asked how many people were eating that much, most did not know, but those who did know answered YES, they were eating that much per meal. Than i asked how many were on medication and all answered YES. As a pre diabetic I have to ask, wouldn't you want to change your diet to low carb to avoid having to take the medication? I am having trouble getting my BFG level to 85 as Dr. Bernstein says you can do with low carb, but I am at a level that is below that of a diabetic. Just by low carb eating. Thanks
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2014-01-30 14:30:13.0

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Answered By: Monica Dennis
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2012-02-11 01:32:55.0

I strongly agree. My diabetes was completely out of control and I was taking over 100 units of Lantus and Novolog per day, during the summer, but despite this my diabetes went completely out of control and I couldn't even get it within range of the meter. And yet, now I have the best control of my life and take no insulin at all. I am eating about 15g of carbs per day, between incidental carbs and a couple of servings of broccoli, cauliflower, or Brussels sprouts. I've been doing this since early September and have improved my health in many ways - blood sugar, 64 lbs of weight loss, higher HDL, lower triglycerides, lower blood pressure. I haven't been this healthy in years, and the blood tests back this up. I no longer need any Novolog, Lantus, nor Avandia, just metformin. And I no longer need a statin for cholesterol either. I was spending a fortune on prescription drugs, now I can put some of the savings toward some delicious grass fed beef. But, of course, the mainstream opinion is that I'm doing it wrong.
Answered By: icdogg

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2012-01-23 22:19:09.0

Canvas man, I had pretty much the same experience that you had. My A1c was 9.0 when diagnosed. I started eating about 50 carbs daily and after 1 year my A1c is 5.1. I never took any drugs, just exercise and low carb diet.
Answered By: robn752

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