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Sat Dec 03 10:57:40 UTC 2011

What brands of insulin pumps does Medicare cover?
Asked By: jccriverbum  

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I have been using an Animas pump for a little over 5 years. My warranty has expired and I am investigating newer pumps. I have discovered that Medicare does not cover the Omnipod. What brands does Medicare cover? I have the sneaking suspicion that Medicare does not endorse newer technology.
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2012-02-14 22:33:49.0

Your best way to find out coverage is to contact the insulin pump companies directly, tell them that you have Medicare and see what they say. All of the pump companies have billing specialists who know what is covered and can give you the most up to date information on coverage. In addition to Animas & Omnipod there are also Medtronic Minimed & Accu-Chek Spirit by Roche. Also by researching these various insulin pumps online you will see the newer pumps and technology so you can make an informed decision between all options which are available to you. Good luck and happy pumping whichever brand you go with.
Answered By: Shannon Lyles
Accreditations: BSN, RN, CDE
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