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Sun Nov 27 09:08:45 UTC 2011

Is it possible to develop neuropathy with an A1c below 7?
Asked By: dletto  
Category: Neuropathy

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Fasting levels have been around 105- 118 In Sept. had some Urological prob going on and started having fasting levels in 126 - 135, some 140s. My after meal readings went from 120s -150 to 150 - 180,some 200. Urologist feels that I have developed some Neuropathy of the bladder (No sensation and unable to start flow)Large prostate- no cancer. Also being treated for cardiac autonomic neuropathy since 2005 - BP meds Azor & Coreg CR, Nortriptyline. Actos 1x day for diabetes- Last A1c 6.4 first of the year BG still jumps around but starting to be back to my norm 105 -120 fast, a few mid 120s - Aft meal avg in 160s
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Expert Answers (1)
2011-11-30 14:56:46.0


Thanks for asking dLife.

A person with uncontrolled blood glucose levels is more likely to develop neuropathy. Its incidence tend to increase with time. People with diabetes for many years may have some degree of neuropathy. Symptoms may not always be initially present.

Learn more about nerve damage!

Take care.

Answered By: Liz Quintana
Accreditations: EdD, RD, LD, CDE
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Community Answers (3)
2011-12-02 19:06:39.0

lainiegirl, I posted once. Multiple postings happen rather frequently with dLife. Don't know why, although this is the first time my "single" post has happened three times. So, I can somewhat understand a portion of your reaction to my post. As to your comment about a 120 FBG reading, I stated "...levels over 120 are causing severe long-term damage." Check this guy's background info. He's been way over 120 fasting, although he's "down" now to 115-125. Neuropathy for at least 6 years. Bladder/prostate problems. Multiple medications. And you say I don't know what I'm talking about! This guy's been a serious diabetic for years. How many more symptoms does this guy have to exhibit before you take his condition seriously? Pancreatic failure? Amputation? The damage this fellow's experiencing is not stopped. Elevated blood insulin levels are driving inflammation, elevated blood glucose is driving neuropathy. Although he doesn't make mention, is probably suffering a high BMI. If this man was your brother or dad, would you tell him this is nothing to worry about? His body has no "reserve" left. If he doesn't make some serious changes right now, his life is going to change rather significantly and he won't like it. So, when he progresses into late stage 4/early stage 5 diabetes a few years from now as is likely, will you wonder if you should have told him the truth when he still had a fighting chance? I'm not here to make friends, I'm here to help save a life. I stand by my earlier post. By the way, I will hit "preview" once, and "post" once.
Answered By: kenhampshire

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2011-12-02 14:00:22.0

First of all, posting 3 times doesnt make it true. Secondly, know what you are talking about before you post. There is no reason to shock someone with such a frantic statement. 120 is not a panic state. Get a grip!
Answered By: test

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2011-12-02 11:38:35.0

Are we collectively out of our minds? Why has no one told this fellow that his life is in grave danger? Why has no one told this man that fasting BG levels over 120 are causing severe long-term damage. If anyone has, why are his fasting numbers still this level after being diagnosed almost seven years ago. My friend, get your wits about you and intercede on your own behalf--you cannot live with BG this high. You are just beginning the long road of diabetic misery and it will get worse, much worse if you continue doing what you are doing. You must cut your dietary carbohydrates--you do not give your age or BMI or blood insulin levels, so it cannot be determined exactly how low you can take your dietary carbohydrate consumption, but this much we do know, you must stop the cause of your elevated BG! The cause is dietary carbohydrate. If you are overweight, get as fit as your can. Your solution is a new and better way of life. Study the paleolithic diet and adopt it. Above all, realize you must make major changes in your life right now, or all will be lost. If you were working with me, your whole life would be taken apart and put back together again. I wish for you the courage to become the captain of your own ship and make the changes that must happen. All the medications in the world will not stop the runaway freight train you are on.
Answered By: kenhampshire

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