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Wed Nov 02 07:26:51 UTC 2011


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Dear Dr. As you know that my mom is having type -2 diabetes. Now my friend is insisting me to give her medicine named RG & GL by DXN company. I just want to know from you that can i give her this medicine/food Suppliment to my mom or .I am afraid about its bad reactions may be this medicine give good result it also be possible for bad results. pls reply me thanks Thakur JS
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2011-11-12 16:08:40.0

Goof afternoon JasWinderThankur:

Thank you for consulting with dLife.com regarding the continued health maintenance of your mom.

You are right in being very cautious before starting any over-the- counter, (OTC) medications or supplements, especially without recommendations received from a profession such as your mom's personal care provider-trained physician.

Diabetes requires special care and attention, unfortunately many OTC and/or supplements can impact diabetes control in a bad way. Consequent, I would suggest a phone call, or accompany her to the next appointment with her PCP, as to inquire of "Would it be okay if mom took_________." Her healthcare providers will have access to her health history and know 'best' for product evaluation. Evaluation will include looking at drug-drug potential interactions, or drug-nutrient potential interaction.

Hope this helps, call on us as needed, regards Sue
Answered By: Susan Throop
Accreditations: RD, CDE, MA
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